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Заслуженный мастер спорта Украины, трехкратный чемпион Мира, двукратный чемпион Европы, победитель Кубка Мира, многократный чемпион Украины и международных турниров по таиландскому боксу.
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Максим СлипченкоMaxim Slipchenko

nationality -  Ukraine
birth_date – 1984.06.19
birth_place - Pavlograd, Ukraine
height - 1.67 cm
weight – 60 kg
style -Muay Thai, Kickboxing
stance - Orthodox
team -  Gym "MaximuS"
trainer -  Alexander Slipchenko and Svetlana Slipchenko
Kickboxing Record:
total fights - 278
wins - 262
losses - 8
draws - 8

Maxim Slipchenko born 19 June 1984 in Pavlograd, Ukraine is a Ukrainian Muay Thai fighter. He is 3 time Muay Thai world champion who has won international titles from 51 kg to 60 kg.
In 2009 he was the first ever Muay Thai fighter in Ukraine to be awarded the "Honored Master of Sport". Maxim Slipchenko actively involved in the promotion of sports in the World. He constantly gives interviews famous sites and online publications, and assists as an expert and professional in the field of martial arts.


Maxim began his kickboxing education at the age of eight in Pavlograd where he studied Karate, only to switch to Muay Thai four years later, aged twelve, when he workout in the club Gym "MaximuS", his trainers were his parents - Alexander Slipchenko and Svetlana Slipchenko. Maxim is included in the national team of Ukraine on kickboxing and workout with such famous kickboxers and World Champions: Artur Kyshenko, Sergei Lascenko, Roman Mailov, Igor Vovchanchyn.
As a teenager he competed in a number of amateur competitions in Ukraine, winning the junior national title at 38 kg as well as making his pro debut in 1998 and have many professional fights in future. In 1999 he won the gold medal in the 38 kg category at the I.A.M.T.F. Muay Thai World Cup in Minsk, Belarus. Between 1999 and 2007 Maxim won many titles – winning gold and silver medals at the I.A.M.T.F., W.A.K.O., I.F.M.A., W.K.J.F.  world championships.
During this period he became eight time champion of Ukraine, winner of World Cup, three times took part in championship of Europe, in which he took the two first places and one second place. Six times participated in the World championships of Muay Thai, in which he took the three first places and three second places. Now Maxim Slipchenko is a three-time world champion


*2007 W.A.K.O.-P.A.M.A. World Muaythai Championships champion
*2007 Muay Thai Tournament «The cup of Kiev» champion
*2006 Muay Thai Tournament «The Star ring» champion
*2005 Muay Thai Tournament: Ukraine vs World champion
*2005 W.A.K.O.-P.A.M.A. World Muaythai Championships champion
*2004 W.A.K.O.-W.K.J.F. World Muaythai Championships champion
*2003 Kings of Muaythai: Ukraine vs Kharkov champion
*2003 W.A.K.O. World Muaythai Championships second place
*2002 I.F.M.A. European Muaythai Championships second place
*2002 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships second place
*2001 WKN Kings of Muay Thai: Belarus vs Ukraine runner-up
*2001 W.A.K.O. World Muaythai Championships second place
*2001 I.F.M.A. European Muaythai Championships champion
*2000 I.F.M.A. European Muaythai Championships champion
*1999 I.A.M.T.F. World Muaythai Cup champion
*x8 Ukrainian national Muay Thai champion

==Career coach and referee==

*Vice-president and head coach of the Kiev regional federation thai-kiсk-boksing
*Vice-president and head coach of the Kiev city federation of kickboxing (IAKSA)
*He has managed and prepared 5 World champions and 6 champions of Ukraine on kickboxing
*He the International referee on kiсkboxing (WTKA)

==State rewards==

Maxim Slipchenko is recipient of an award three state rewards — for the distinguished achievements and popularization of sport in the world.

==Other interests==

*Author book «Thai boxing for you» - published in 2009 on the Russian and English languages.
*Author applications «Thai boxing for you», «Thai boxing for you Free Edition», «Thai boxing for you Video Edition» for iPhone/iPad/iPod - the programs translated on 12 languages and downloaded by more  than 1 million people in 117 countries of the world
*Author applications «21Fitday», «21Fitday Free» for iPhone/iPad/iPod - the programs translated on 2 languages and downloaded by more than 100 000 people in 53 countries of the world
*Author and performer of song is the «Last round» («Последний раунд»)

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